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Производство гвоздей в Туркменистане
Реализация пассажирских и грузовых лифтов

Производство гвоздей в Туркменистане



In a large assortment

Production of nails in Turkmenistan

Nowadays, almost any construction or installation work in Turkmenistan is complete without nails. At the same time, there are a large number of different types of nails that have their purpose. Nail is the most accessible and widespread fixing material, it is so universal that its scope is quite multifaceted and extensive.
However, the most basic task of any nail is to firmly and reliably interconnect the connected elements.

Technical Features of Construction nails

As a rule, almost all types of nails are made of very durable wire. Moreover, the diameter of the product may have a different thickness, on which the head of the nail has a flat shape or in the form of a cone.

Our advantages

Own production

Own production of nails in a wide range. It is possible to produce nails according to customer requirements.

Attractive price

In relation to price and quality, we have very attractive prices for our products.

Additional services

At your service packing of nails. Thanks to this, you can always choose the required format of the ordered products.

Delivery by own transport

We provide not only product quality, but also its delivery.