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Производство гвоздей в Туркменистане
Реализация пассажирских и грузовых лифтов

About us

“Asuda Turkmen” Economic Society is today the first producer of hardware products such as construction nails in Turkmenistan. We start with a small construction and trading company established in 2012. At that time, she was engaged in the construction of residential buildings and office buildings. In 2013, the company began its trading activities in the field of passenger and freight elevators.

After some time, we realized that, being based in the construction and trade sector of Turkmenistan, it was necessary to expand and open a new direction in the life of our company, and this direction was the creation of the first plant for the production of construction nails in Turkmenistan.

“Asuda Turkmen” Economic Society strives to satisfy all the wishes and needs of its customers. We value all our customers, from one-time private customers to large wholesale organizations. Therefore, we monitor the quality of our products, purchase certified raw materials and always reliably respond to consumers with all their questions about the purchased product. We sell honest products at a fair price, namely, we offer nails in real sizes of thickness and length.

We also take care of our workers in the workplace and create comfortable working and leisure conditions for them.

Experienced employees will advise you on the price and availability of goods in stock, as well as help with the delivery of goods to any place you need.