Местонахождение завода


Производство гвоздей в Туркменистане
Реализация пассажирских и грузовых лифтов


In Ak Bugday district of Akhal region, the production of construction nails was started by the “Asuda Turkmen” Economic Society. From the very beginning of the plant’s work, considerable interest was shown on the part of business executives and domestic entrepreneurs. Products are in demand in many sectors of Turkmenistan. They are widely used in the construction industry.

The most important task of workers, operators, engineers of the “Asuda Turkmen” Economic Society is to increase the production of construction nails, since there are applications not only from domestic, but also from foreign consumers. So, Afghan, Uzbek, Kyrgyz and Kazakh sales representatives request items in large quantities. The whole team works in this direction.

Construction nails are widely used in the construction of residential and industrial buildings, in the construction of building formwork and in the construction of roofs.

The enterprise is equipped with modern equipment manufactured in Russia and China. Installation of equipment and commissioning was carried out by foreign engineers of the manufacturer. And now, using high-quality steel supplied from abroad, the team has begun to produce competitive products as part of import-substitution.

The design capacity of the new production at the initial stage is designed to produce 200,000 kg of construction nails per month and 2,400 tons per year.

The Economic Society produces the following diameters of construction nails: